Precious Metals Prices Related To US Economy

It would be wise to observe the fluctuations of the US economy as there is a direct correlation between the US dollar and the price of gold and silver.  The governments’ extortionate borrowing  and spending habits and the failings of the economy reflects the devaluing of the dollar and in turn affects the upward trend of gold and silver.  The lower in value the dollar, the higher the price of these precious metals.

Within the last year alone silver has risen by 31% while at the same time, the value of the dollar decreased significantly, so it would be wise to watch the US economy quite closely, especially if you own large amounts of these precious metals.  Get ready to sell and profit when the US economy starts showing strong signs of recovery and gold and silver prices begins to slide.

Looking at the US economy as it stands right now: nearly $15 trillion in debt, spending like there’s no tomorrow, billions pumped into committing wars across the world, useless unpopular legislations, the US is in a pretty bad state, it will take years and years to recover.  Could you imagine racking up a debt so high that you will never be able to pay it back in your lifetime, you have to leave the debt to your children and your children’s children.  Everything inter-relates, the reckless running of the country, the printing of more money, devaluation of the currency and the price rises in precious metals.

You have to do your own research and due diligence as here I am explaining things in simplistic terms for the layman to understand and to provoke and initiate interest so that you can confirm and expand upon this information for yourself.  Please watch the two short videos on this page to further explain.

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