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There are a large number of investors such as property investors, forex traders, stocks and shares investors, and the ordinary working person, all now looking to gold and silver investing to grow and protect their wealth.  They are looking for long term strategies which will will give them a good return with added security.  Most will often wonder where, when and how they can invest, whether to stash coins or go for trusting their investments in high voltage vaults across the world. 

There are lots of questions being raised, but one thing is certain, is that these commodities offers a viable option especially when the economy is in freefall. It is important to get well educated before investing in gold and silver as there are various factors to take into consideration. This can range from buying and selling at the right time, buying at the right price and from the right source as well as the safety of the holdings.

Silver is a good starting point for the new investor as it is relatively cheap in comparison to gold and when bought in high volumes can offer a far greater rate of return.  Silver is known as the “Poor Man’s Gold” because of the potential for extremely high returns based on having bought it cheap.  As I write this today in December 2011, the spot(market) price for silver is £18.57/oz and gold at £1,027.30/oz.  Silver is particularly volatile at the moment, going up and down like a yoyo, but as many believe, the price is being manipulated downward, this will most certainly correct itself in time as most experts predict.

For the new investor of gold and silver there are not many sources of credible training or learning materials to allow one to make informed, intelligent decisions, though there is one book that encompasses a thorough detailed insight into the world of commodity investing:- Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver – Protect Your Financial Future
by Mike Maloney who is an expert and well respected authority on the history, economy, governments, and worldwide events and the correlation to the importance of owning gold and silver.

When you see how cheap silver is in comparison to gold, you will see why many investors are turning to silver rather  than gold.  Silver is finite and is used up in the constuction of such things as mobile phones, computers, industrial materials and a whole range of goods. Silver will inevitably run out at some stage becoming scarce which will become expensive to buy and benefit those who have bought a huge amount when the price was low.

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