An Intriguing History

gold and silver historyWhen you look back in history before governments started printing paper money (also termed as fiat money), there was a different system used for buying and selling.  This was simply bartering, where you will exchange a physical good for another.  For example, if you wanted some potatoes, you would exchange it for some fish.  Or if you owned a farm you would exchange your crops for clothes. As you can imagine, this form of exchange was not exactly ideal.

A Fairer way Of Trading

As civilisation progressed, this form of bartering was becoming tedious and no longer acceptable or desirable as they wanted a simpler and fairer method of trading.  They wanted a form of currency which can be used instead of goods which has value and easy to carry around.

They began to use gold and silver as their primary currency and these precious metals they used for thousands of years.  Gold and silver has value, was a measure of wealth and recognized as such all over the world.

Here are 4  must watch videos so you can gain a thorough understanding of how our money system came about and why is is so important to protect and grow your wealth with gold and silver.

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Precious And Forever Valuable

Gold and silver are natural resources, mined from the ground as opposed to man-made manufactured money which springs out of nowhere by pressing a few buttons on a computer. Because of this very fact, paper money used to be backed by gold which meant that this fiat money was a paper representation (receipt) for the gold, giving this paper money the same value as gold.  People no longer had to carry gold coins around, they could use it’s equivalent instead.

This worked nicely for hundreds of years, but then came “big” government in the name of President Nixon  who took paper money off this gold standard making paper money valueless.

Governments keep printing more and more of this fiat currency and as they do, it becomes less and less valuable.  This has presented a scary proposition, that governments have control and total power over the whole population.  As they “run things”, they can decide whichever way they want the economy to turn.  Owning gold and silver bring some of your power back into your own hands.