About The Editor

After personally wanting to create financial freedom for myself, I stumbled upon many business ideas over the years, some of which gave me limited success and constant hard work.  I made the breakthrough when I discovered gold and silver.  When I saw the potential, I went on a quest of months and months of discovery through extensive research via the internet, numerous books, online discussions and a lot of soul searching.

I discovered that gold and silver presents the best opportunity for securing, preserving and growing wealth, but I had to devourer a lot of complex information to get to that realization.  That’s why this site was created.  To provide in simple terms all information and insights which I have accumulated over the years.

I aim to peak the interest of the new investor as well as initiate some level of excitement for this wonderful opportunity for financial growth.  This site is based on my own thoughts  and opinions and is by no means definitive so I encourage you to do further research before deciding to invest, though I must say, the longer you take, the higher the price of these precious metals will rise.

I do not sell gold and silver myself, but instead provide the information needed for the interested person to widen their scope and knowledge and give practical insights into the companies with which you can purchase gold and silver. Companies with a long track record of high integrity, honesty and trustworthiness who hold their precious metals in high security vaults across the world such as Zurich, London, Sydney and New York.

I have conducted thorough research on the best and most secure places to buy your precious metals and in what form.  I also disclose where I buy my gold and silver and why I chose that company.  How to be aware of fake physical gold and silver and the importance of doing your own research and diligence on the company you choose to buy your precious metals  from.

Dig Yourself Out Of Poverty

The average person is not usually aware of the opportunity in gold and silver investing, and my aim is to ensure that I impart all the information necessary to encourage people to explore and take advantage of the wide open opportunity of wealth creation and wealth protection with these precious metals.  There has never been a time in history where poor people can so easily dig themselves out of poverty.

Did you know that if you had invested  £3000 worth of silver in 2006, that £3,000 will be worth £16,404 today, minus costs, so on selling your silver you would have been approximately £13,000 in profit  (£5 per ounce in 2006, £27.34 per once in April 2011).  £13,000 in 5 years, WHAT A THING? If this doesn’t spark some level of excitement, I don’t know what will.

The price of silver still continues to grow at an alarming rate, in fact, the price of silver is currently kept artificially low through market manipulation and economists predict this will be corrected at some stage sending the price of silver to skyrocket even further.

Invest your time learning about  these precious metals and what they can do for you, then invest in your wealth creation by buying your own stocks of these precious metals.